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Super Health Food

Healthy From The Inside-Out

Enjoy our collection of healthy recipes provided to you from all over the world. If the recipe was found on another site, I have provided a link to that site. I want to respect the source and support those that share delicious dishes that help us stay healthy from the inside-out. 

Keep in mind this page follows no specific dietary plan. Nutritional information is provided when possible.

On The Lighter Side

Not every meal should be big but every meal or snack should be healthy. Let's face it though, it must be tasty too!  Here are some easy, light meals (or 1/2 the recipe for a snack) to enjoy anytime.




Have a recipe you want to share?
Email us at with your recipe or link to a favorite recipe. Please only send recipes you have tried and love!

Remember... let's keep submitted recipe requests healthy.
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